General News

Thank you so much, everyone!

It has been an honour to be the NDP Candidate and meet so many wonderful people in Oxford. This adventure was truly a humbling experience.

Congratulations to all of the candidates who ran in this election for all parties, including my opponents.
While disappointed with what happened in Ontario, we know a large number of Ontario voters responded positively to our message of hope and Change for the Better. As the official opposition, we will work each and every day for the change that families need to make life better for all of us!

Congratulations to the elected Oxford MPP, Ernie Hardeman. I will remind him of his promises to keep the landfill out of our county, and not cut any jobs or services in the province. I will fight shoulder-to-shoulder with our citizens, and ensure our MPP and Premier-designate Ford, keep their word regarding these matters.

I want to thank the many voters who put their support and trust in me during this election. Thank you to our amazing team of volunteers, campaign team, campaign manager, and my husband and family. We should be immensely proud of the campaign we’ve run here in Oxford.

While the results did not get us there this time, I invite you to join us, and together we will keep fighting to bring change for the better to Ontario.

Thank you so much, everyone!
-Tara King
(Mother, Wife, Teacher, Change for the Better Advocate)

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