We will put $19 billion over 10 years into hospital capital expansion to meet growing capacity needs

We will take immediate steps to expand hospital capacity.

We will make sure that hospitals have the staff they need to provide excellent patient care.

We’ll update it to enshrine the right of spouses not to be separated against their will

We’ll restore a legislated minimum standard of care for every long-term care resident in Ontario, and fund long-term care homes so they can meet it.

Rising to 40,000 by 2028. Expanding the not-for-profit and municipal sector, where funding goes to patient care instead of profit.

We’ll immediately increase funding by $300 million and eliminate the wait list.

35 new Community Health Centres by 2025 and an investment of $30 million in community care.

End front-line health care staff layoffs and prevent violence in the workplace.

We will provide complete coverage for take-home cancer drugs.

Making sure that no one is denied access to urgent health care — no matter who they are or where they’re from.

Our new funding plan will meet or exceed inflation, and account for population growth, aging and the unique needs of each community.

Allowing 28,000 more Ontarians to access the services they need every year.

At least 3,000 every year for the next ten years and funding for ongoing rent supplements and support staff costs.

$100 million in increased supports for the more than 190,000 Ontarians living with dementia

We’ll cut wait times to a 30-day max with a $590 million investment.

400 more mental health care workers, enough to cover every high school.

We’ll cap kindergarten classrooms at 26 children and we will end Kindergarten / Grade 1 split classrooms.

We’ll work with local boards to continue to develop schools as community hubs where everyone can access great public programming and use these facilities.

Paid co-op and internship opportunities that allow students to graduate with real-world experience.

Ending standardized testing will put the focus back on meaningful learning. Savings will be reinvested in our kids’ classrooms.

Allowing more contract educators to become full-time professors and instructors, and investing in more tenure-track faculty positions.

New Democrats have led the fight to establish a province-wide university where students can earn a degree studying in French. The francophone community has waited long enough.

We’ll bring auto insurance premiums down by 15% and end neighbourhood discrimination.

Andrea and the NDP will increase the Pension Benefit Guarantee Fund guaranteed amount to $3,000 per month indexed to inflation, and will make the current benefit retroactive for Sears pensioners.

We will create an advisory panel on the innovation economy help make Ontario the best place in Canada to launch an innovative start-up or scale up an existing one to create good, skilled jobs.

We’ll develop a Provincial Forest Strategy to protect the long-term sustainability of our forests, and dedicate $1 billion to get things moving on the Ring of Fire.

Andrea Horwath and the NDP will invest $57 million annually from the Jobs and Prosperity Fund to create opportunities in the trades.

We’ll undo the cuts to the Slots at Racetracks Program (SARP), and build a long-term plan to revitalize this sector and protect the livelihood of these family farms.

A $100 million dollar investment to reduce dependence on high-carbon diesel and heating oil.

A 10-year, $1 billion dollar fund for bringing broadband service to rural and northern Ontario.

A strong code of conduct, with regular updates in plain language, will allow all Ontarians to know what is expected of the people they elect.

We will return full, independent oversight of Hydro One to the eight independent offices..

We will work with the Information and Privacy Commissioner to increase government transparency and we’ll eliminate costs for Freedom of Information requests.

Andrea Horwath and the NDP will bring in a uniform Business Education Tax rate and review the way the tax works, to ensure our schools have a stable source of revenue.

Housing speculation and flipping are driving up housing prices. We will implement a new speculation tax that will not be limited to foreign buyers. It will be based on British Columbia’s Speculation Tax, and will apply in the regions where the Non-Resident Speculation Tax (NRST) applies. While the NRST applies only on sales, our anti-speculation tax will apply annually. It will be targeted toward foreign and domestic speculators who do not pay tax in Ontario.

We will implement the Auditor’s suggestions to ensure money is spent properly, and we’ll invest the savings into services.

Tobacco is currently taxed based on volume. We will tax tobacco based on value. It ensures that as tobacco prices go up, the taxes fairly reflect the value.

True government-to-government relationship with Ontario’s First Nations

Moving first on the recommendations related specifically to provincial jurisdiction.

We’ll work with First Nations leaders on an appropriate replacement to the Act.

Andrea Horwath will transfer the province’s share of mining taxes to Ontario’s First Nations, working with First Nations leadership

We will exempt First Nations communities from electricity delivery charges and connect remote communities to Ontario’s grid.

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